2017 San Marino Residential Real Estate Activities

There were a total of 136 recorded solds for 2017- that’s 22 less sales than 2016, and just 2 more than 2015. And we had one $10MM+ sale in the estate area on Oak Grove, it was also the highest $/sqft at $1399- $42 higher than 2016. The lowest recorded sale in 2017 was exactly $1MM, which was $200K lower than the floor in 2016, and the lowest $/sqft in 2017 was $636, $15 lower than 2016, and is 45% of the highest $/sqft of $1399!

So, overall, 2017 was a more challenging year for San Marino than 2016 from all aspects except for the highest $/sqft catagory ($1399 vs. $1357)! =)

2017 SM Sales

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